Jeff Elmore to run for NC Senate

January 18, 2010

North Wilkesboro Commissioner Jeff Elmore has annouced his intent to run for the NC Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Steve Goss (D-Watauga).  The seat was formerally held by John Garwood another Wilkes County native, and also a former Commissioner.  Elmore joins Dan Soucek who annouced back in 2009 his intent to run for the seat.  Soucek ran unsuccessfully for NC House against Cullie Tarelton in 2008. 

On another note, Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe) appears to be unopposed in his run for NC House against incumbent Cullie Tarleton (D-Watauga).

Senate bans some wind energy

August 7, 2009

By James Romoser
Published: August 7, 2009

RALEIGH – The N.C. Senate voted yesterday to ban the commercial generation of wind energy on North Carolina’s western mountain ridges.
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Goss Says No State Gas Tax Increases, Fields Question About Possible 2010 Congressional Campaign

May 11, 2009

monday, may 11 2009
North Carolina Senator Steve Goss said the state will not raise the gas tax while he appeared on AM 1450 WATA’s Roten in the Morning show.

Goss said, “We are not going to increase the gas tax… I’m chair of the appropriations committee in the Senate and on the transportation for the state and that’s one thing that needs to be ruled out up front.”

Roten in the Morning’s host, Jonathon Roten, asked the senator about raising the gas tax because the idea had been kicked around as a way to help the state meet the budget.

Goss also said state lawmakers capped the state gas tax in their last session.

Roten also said he had heard rumors about Goss running for Congress next election. Roten asked Goss about the possibility of him running for the U.S. House of Representatives against Virginia Foxx in 2010’s election.

Goss said, “Well, right now, Jonathon, of course I’m a membmer of the NC Senate, thankfully, representing Ashe, Alexander, Wilkes, and Watauga. Who knows what the future holds, but right now I am focused on our state budget and on the needs of our people in North Carolina.”

Before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Foxx spent 10 years as a state senator in North Carolina. Goss is currently serving his second term in the North Carolina Senate.


**NOTE** – Oh Yeah, with Joines gone Goss is full steam ahead!

Sen. Steve Goss calls for ….more studying *sigh*

April 2, 2009

Grandparents seek law granting visitation rights
By Elizabeth G. Cook

The charms on Miriam Preiser’s necklace stand for her 19 grandchildren, and she has tied red ribbons on three.

Those three represent the grandchildren Preiser hasn’t been able to visit since 2000, when her daughter divorced the children’s father and did not get visitation rights.

In effect, Preiser lost visitation rights, too.

Once again Steve Goss doesn’t know what to do.  This time he’s decided to spend your tax dollars to poll the people that elected him to make decisions.  Could he just be blowing smoke? Lazy Liberal Steve Goss taxpayer dollar waster super study extraordinaire! 

Local representatives to General Assembly on listening tour

March 29, 2009

As the state legislature goes to work on the budget for the next fiscal year, forecasts are dire and cuts may be deep, explained Sen. Steve Goss and Rep. Cullie Tarleton last Friday during a visit to Ashe County. Nobody will be immune to cutbacks as the state prepares to severely tighten its fiscal belt.

Goss and Tarleton are conducting a dual listening tour throughout their constiuency to hear what the people have to say and answer questions about the state’s economic predicament. Facing a $3.5 billion shortfall in the next budget, Gov. Bev Perdue is looking at widespread appropriation of funds from available resources, including the education lottery, freezing of projects, and cutbacks wherever possible.

Soucek for Senate

March 27, 2009


It was all applause last night at the Watauga County Republican Party meeting at Sagebrush in Boone. Of course, Alexander County got the first news, and gave the first round of applause on Monday at Wittenberg Elementary School in Taylorsville. Dan Soucek former candidate for NC House announced again last night that he would be a candidate against Senator Steve Goss for the 45th NC Senate District. Soucek the 39 year old West Point graduate was a U.S. Army helicopter pilot before being recruited to lead High County Young Life, a ministry organization geared towards youth. Soucek works for Samaritan’s Purse and is well known for his 2008 bid against Cullie Tarleton. “In a year were republicans stumbled, we mobilized youthful volunteers, and conservatives all over. Although we didn’t win we made Cullie work for it.”, said Soucek last year. Last night Soucek stated wasteful spending, environmental extremism, and an out of touch legislature as his reasons for running. You can read more about Dan by visiting his website at

Lazy Liberal Goss makes Huffington Post

March 17, 2009

Lazy Liberal Senator Steve Goss made headlines all the way across the country this morning.   As he continues to demonstrate his California values, he was mentioned by Aryiana Huffington in her blog, The Huffington Post.

“I am firmly convinced that mountaintop removal is a moral issue that begs our hearts and minds to do the right thing,” said North Carolina state Senator Steve Goss, one of the bill’s sponsors. “When this bill becomes law in North Carolina, once again we will take our place as a leader in the nation concerning environmental issues.

Ultimately its not jobs, the economy, or your pocket book that Goss cares about.  It’s coal and sticking his nose into other states business.  Who do you think is going to pay for the increased cost in receiving coal from from “green” sources?  In short you, or at least as long as you pay a power bill.  This may be a good idea in the future, but right now people are hurting for every dollar they can get.  It seems Goss just wants to take that away from them.

Senator Goss has been catching some flack lately from his democrat cohorts.  Recently he introduced a bill to hold bloggers liable for what they say on the internet.  The internet of course where liberals do most of their damage.  Keep in mind before reading the below quote, that Sen. Goss actually authored the bill himself.

“There is a need to bring our state’s slander and libel laws into the 21st Century, but this bill as written does not in any way express my intent,” Goss said. “In this day where misinformation can be sent around the world, literally in minutes, both on internet web sites and by e-mail, the laws need to be updated to cover it.”

DOES NOT IN ANY WAY EXPRESS MY INTENT!  Good Lord Man, if you can’t express your own intent, in your own words, who can?  Good thing state democrats hit Goss hard and quick, letting him know his own intent and he pulled the bill.

Goss & Tarleton Among Leading Supporters of Proposed Smoking Ban

March 5, 2009

We saw this on and thought we’d share.

measure has been introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly that would ban smoking in all public places.  Current law only prohibits smoking in state government buildings. The new measure would expand the current law so as to include all “public places and places of employment.”  Representative Cullie Tarleton is a co-sponsor of the bill in the House and Senator Steve Goss is a sponsor of the bill in the Senate.

$12 Million…Sure, No Problem.

March 3, 2009

Steve Goss & Cullie Tarleton must not watch the news.  With the State of North Carolina almost a billion dollars in debt, and an economic decline they’ve decided to spend.  In fact they want 12 Million dollars to buy out a private company.  Call up Geithner and have him turn the machines on for some Stimulus money, we can stimulate those private jobs into State ones… 

State set to take over large tract of local attraction By Scott Nicholson

N.C. Rep. Cullie Tarleton (D-93) and N.C. Sen. Steve Goss (D-45) are co-sponsors of bills that would formally establish Grandfather Mountain as a new addition to the state park system.

The bills have been submitted to both houses of the N.C. General Assembly, according to the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation, and are the next steps in the plan announced last year in which the state will take over much of the land surrounding the well-known attraction and biosphere preserve.

Goss & Tarleton tell you what to do…and where to do it.

March 3, 2009

Listen to Me!

Senator Steve Goss and Representative Cullie Tarleton know (or think they do) what’s best for you.  The two legislators have decided to tell Small Business Owners that they can’t smoke in their establishments.  Regardless of personal freedom, these two continue to destory the rights of small business owners.  Email these guys and tell them now is not the time to keep hurting small business. &

State smoking ban up for a vote By Scott Nicholson  

A ban on public smoking inNorth Carolina is headed for a possible General Assembly vote, with Watauga County legislators lining up as sponsors for the bill.

Rep. Cullie Tarleton (D-93) one of 26 House of Representatives co-sponsors and Sen. Steve Goss (D-45) one of 14 Senate sponsors for the bill, which was debated by the House Committee on Health Thursday without a vote.