Candidate Opinions: Federal Spending

October 7, 2008
In the fourth installment of our series concerning the upcoming elections, we discuss federal spending. In the recent Focus on the Foothills campaign special edition, Angela Henley posed the same question to both fifth-district candidates — their opinion of whether federal spending should shrink or grow, and why. …

5th District Candidates Speak on Gas Crisis

October 3, 2008

Friday, October 03, 2008

As we approach the time for choosing the epople who will represent Wilkes in the federal government, 3WC gave candidates time to express their views on several subjects in a special edition of Focus on the Foothills, 3WC’s Angela Henley spoke with 5th district congressional candidates Roy Carter, a Democrat, and Virginia Foxx, the Republican incumbent about five different topics. On the subject of the current gas situation, both said there is a need to use a variety of approaches. …

Roy Carter Lauches Website

May 9, 2008

Roy Carter Democrat for Congress lauched his website today.  He is running against incumbent Virginia Foxx.