State Rep. Allred says he’s leaving Republican Party

May 22, 2009

Published: May 22, 2009

State Rep. Cary Allred, facing calls from fellow Republicans to resign his seat, declared Thursday that he plans to reregister as unaffiliated after a report critical of his behavior on April 27.

In that report, other GOP lawmakers harshly assessed the Alamance County Republican’s actions. 
Some said he smelled of alcohol, and most said they thought he behaved inappropriately during debate and toward a young volunteer that evening, the News & Record of Greensboro reported.

“I think I’ve been stabbed in the back by my Republican colleagues,” Allred said Thursday.
When asked if he was sure he would switch his party affiliation to unaffiliated, Allred said, “I’m pretty damned sure. 

**NOTE** – Kudos to Daves!

Call to Convention

March 24, 2009

                                          5th District Republican
                                             Call to Convention

Date:        March 18, 2009

To:            5th District Officers and State Executive Committee Members, County
                 Chairman, Legal Counsel and Parliamentarian 

From:        Dan Barrett, 5th District Chairman 

Subject:     5th District Republican Convention 

In accordance with the State Plan of Organization, the 5th District Republican Convention will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 18, 2009, at the Wilkes County Courthouse, Wilkesboro, NC.  Registration will begin at 9:00 am with a convention charge of $5.00 per delegate and alternate.  No charge for guests. 

The purpose of the convention is to elect 5th District Officers, State Executive Members and At-Large Members. 

Please advise all county secretaries that all credential lists that are sent to the NCGOP are also to be sent to the 5th District Secretary, Teresa Miller at P.O. Box 154, Millers Creek, NC  28651 or by email at  These lists have to be sent to Teresa before the convention or your delegation could not be seated.

Theresa Esposito & Linda Daves

February 3, 2009

State GOP leadership to be up for grabs

January 8, 2009

State Republican Party Chairwoman Linda Daves of Charlotte says she will not seek another term this year.

Daves was chairwoman during a difficult election cycle for Republicans. They lost the Senate seat held by Sen. Elizabeth Dole, a congressional seat held by Robin Hayes and the auditor’s office held by Les Merritt. Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1976.

Special Thanks to our Victory 08 Team

November 5, 2008

NC05 wishes that the circumstances were better this morning than they were last night. We know that you all worked very hard to make the turnout high and the election strong. In some counties, republicans won strong and turned out in amazing numbers. We experienced upsets in Alleghany, Surry, and Yadkin. We had narrow misses in Alexander and Ashe. It appears that Congresswoman Foxx actually increased her margin of victory in most counties over 2006 and some over 2004. We believe this is not only a testament to her hard work and conservative values, but also to the many of you who made phone calls, placed signs, sent emails. The 72 Hour Plan workedin our district, and it is all because of you. Special thanks to Thomas Coley and Kevin Turner who organized volunteers and lead the campaigns to GOTV. Without these fellas, many of our local parties would have been overwhelmed. While we do not have all the numbers it looks like even Pat McCrory won in all of our counties save one. In a difficult election year, the volunteers of the fifth district played well. Congratulations to Sarah Stevens, Darrell McCormick, Bill McGee, and Dale Folwell. We hope we see Dan Soucek back in 2010. Mark Hollo’s narrow loss is hard to swallow, and we congratulate him on a strong campaign. Dan Barrett, our esteemed leader fought an uphill battle, and he is to be commended.

As we move forward, North Carolina will no doubt see “change” as the nation does. The change we fear will not be for the better. As Republicans, we must continue to fight for conservative principles both morally and fiscally. County parties must begin to work more together and help each other lead. Our message needs to reach those of our younger generation, and education through technology is our only hope. We have a gap to bridge and a message to re-tune, but we will return. Municipal elections are only a year away, and theirs no time like the present.

NCGOP Victory

November 4, 2008

The North Carolina Republican Party will hold its NCGOP Victory 2008 Election Night party at the North Raleigh Hilton. Republican leaders and candidates will gather with volunteers and supporters to watch the returns come in and celebrate Republican victories. Please come join us to celebrate!

WHAT: NCGOP Victory 2008 Election Night party
WHEN: Tuesday, November 4
Party begins at 7:30 PM
WHERE: North Raleigh Hilton
Grand Ballroom
3415 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609


November 4, 2008

Palin in Raleigh

October 30, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin will be returning to North Carolina on Saturday, November 1st for a Road to Victory Rally in Raleigh.

Saturday, November 1st
Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Must Arrive by 6:00 PM

The Fairgrounds
1025 Blue Ridge Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27607

NC Non-Partisan Judges

October 29, 2008

Remember, the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee has endorsed the following statewide judicial candidates.

N.C. Supreme Court
Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds

N.C. Court of Appeals
Jewel Ann Farlow
Doug McCullough
Dan Barrett
Robert N. (Bob) Hunter, Jr.

Pat McCrory Rally in Yadkin

October 29, 2008