Dan Soucek Files for the NC State Senate

February 8, 2010

BOONE, N.C., February 8, 2010 — Republican Dan Soucek of Watauga County, having run for the state house of representatives in 2008, has officially filed to run for North Carolina’s 45th Senate district in 2010 serving Wilkes, Watauga, Ashe and Alexander counties.

“The leadership lessons I had at West Point, the humanitarian experience I have at Samaritan’s Purse and the knowledge I have from owning a small business are things no other candidate for this Senate seat possesses and will best enable me to serve this district in a way the people deserve.”

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Jeff Elmore to run for NC Senate

January 18, 2010

North Wilkesboro Commissioner Jeff Elmore has annouced his intent to run for the NC Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Steve Goss (D-Watauga).  The seat was formerally held by John Garwood another Wilkes County native, and also a former Commissioner.  Elmore joins Dan Soucek who annouced back in 2009 his intent to run for the seat.  Soucek ran unsuccessfully for NC House against Cullie Tarelton in 2008. 

On another note, Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe) appears to be unopposed in his run for NC House against incumbent Cullie Tarleton (D-Watauga).

Soucek for Senate

March 27, 2009


It was all applause last night at the Watauga County Republican Party meeting at Sagebrush in Boone. Of course, Alexander County got the first news, and gave the first round of applause on Monday at Wittenberg Elementary School in Taylorsville. Dan Soucek former candidate for NC House announced again last night that he would be a candidate against Senator Steve Goss for the 45th NC Senate District. Soucek the 39 year old West Point graduate was a U.S. Army helicopter pilot before being recruited to lead High County Young Life, a ministry organization geared towards youth. Soucek works for Samaritan’s Purse and is well known for his 2008 bid against Cullie Tarleton. “In a year were republicans stumbled, we mobilized youthful volunteers, and conservatives all over. Although we didn’t win we made Cullie work for it.”, said Soucek last year. Last night Soucek stated wasteful spending, environmental extremism, and an out of touch legislature as his reasons for running. You can read more about Dan by visiting his website at http://fansofdan.com/go/.

Special Thanks to our Victory 08 Team

November 5, 2008

NC05 wishes that the circumstances were better this morning than they were last night. We know that you all worked very hard to make the turnout high and the election strong. In some counties, republicans won strong and turned out in amazing numbers. We experienced upsets in Alleghany, Surry, and Yadkin. We had narrow misses in Alexander and Ashe. It appears that Congresswoman Foxx actually increased her margin of victory in most counties over 2006 and some over 2004. We believe this is not only a testament to her hard work and conservative values, but also to the many of you who made phone calls, placed signs, sent emails. The 72 Hour Plan workedin our district, and it is all because of you. Special thanks to Thomas Coley and Kevin Turner who organized volunteers and lead the campaigns to GOTV. Without these fellas, many of our local parties would have been overwhelmed. While we do not have all the numbers it looks like even Pat McCrory won in all of our counties save one. In a difficult election year, the volunteers of the fifth district played well. Congratulations to Sarah Stevens, Darrell McCormick, Bill McGee, and Dale Folwell. We hope we see Dan Soucek back in 2010. Mark Hollo’s narrow loss is hard to swallow, and we congratulate him on a strong campaign. Dan Barrett, our esteemed leader fought an uphill battle, and he is to be commended.

As we move forward, North Carolina will no doubt see “change” as the nation does. The change we fear will not be for the better. As Republicans, we must continue to fight for conservative principles both morally and fiscally. County parties must begin to work more together and help each other lead. Our message needs to reach those of our younger generation, and education through technology is our only hope. We have a gap to bridge and a message to re-tune, but we will return. Municipal elections are only a year away, and theirs no time like the present.

Let the debates begin!

October 8, 2008

It’s debate time. Dan Soucek and Cullie Tarleton will square off over the 93rd NC House position.  Jerry Butler and Steve Goss are also ready to rumble over the 45th Senate seat.

Wednesday, October 8 at 7pm. The debate will be held in the Belk Library Commons, room 114 on the campus of Appalachian State University.

Please come out and support Dan and Jerry this Wednesday!