Rumor has it – Jerry Butler

Rumor has it – that Jerry Butler attended a republican party meeting in Alexander County yesterday.  The Boone dentist announced that he was planning on returning to the political fray to run against state Senator Steve Goss again in 2010.   According to our sources Butler made an anthem of a speech to the local republicans asking them to expel “fringe” conservatives from the party and move in a more progressive direction.

Since this is a rumor and we don’t know if its true, someone please tell us it isn’t so!  This mindset is exactly what lost Republicans the election.  Moderate Congressman in the Midwest lost overwhelmingly to their democrat rivals, and where Conservatism was truly on the ballot it was victory!  If Dr. Butler wants to be a progressive, maybe he should run against Goss in the primary.  Either way we think this helps Goss raise money.


One Response to Rumor has it – Jerry Butler

  1. dee reynolds says:

    At no time was the word “fringe” used by anyone at any time at this meeting. Conservative was the operative word and progressive was never spoken either. Not only is your source misinformed, it is impossible for the source to have ever even been inside the county line, because “fringe” and “progressive” have never been said at any GOP meeting.

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