Dole’s first election ad starts airing today

May 28, 2008

Dole’s first election ad starts airing today

Published: May 28, 2008

Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole is launching her first campaign ad of the year with a 60-second spot that touts her work on illegal immigration.
The ad set to begin airing Wednesday includes clips from a number of sheriffs who praise the first-term senator for helping link them to federal immigration tools.
The advertisement comes one day after rival Kay Hagan met with sheriffs to discuss immigration.
Dole’s campaign said it has spent about half a million dollars to air the spot statewide for about two weeks. She has banked some $3.2 million for her re-election bid.
Hagan ran a couple of ads before her primary victory at the beginning of May. Hagan reported having just $317,000 cash on hand in mid-April.

The Results are In.

May 27, 2008

The Primary Election Results are In.

Foxx sponsoring e-stub bill

May 22, 2008

Foxx sponsoring e-stub bill

By Ron Fitzwater

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx circulated a letter to her fellow representatives on Capital Hill May 9th seeking support and co-sponsorship for legislation she believes will save 5th District taxpayers millions of dollars.

In the letter Foxx pointed out to colleagues that unlike many privately owned companies and some state governments, the federal government did not offer an option to send employee paycheck stubs electronically, resulting in millions of dollars in printing costs being paid for with tax dollars.

Foxx suggests that unlike traditional paper stubs, e-stubs ensure on-time delivery of payroll information and are safer and less susceptible to identity theft because they do not include private information such as social security numbers and home addresses.

Foxx is confident that she can get support in the congress for the bill simply on its merits.

“I feel certain that we will get a lot of co-sponsors for the bill because it is a good idea that will save a lot of money,” Foxx said.

Although the federal government employs nearly three-million people in dozens of agencies around the world Foxx said there would be no cost other than time for programming the system, but “just saving every pay stub having to be printed every month, and now some federal employees are going to be paid twice a month, it logically will save millions of dollars just because they won’t have to print those stubs. We already have everybody in a computer system to receive email and so folks will be able to get it through their e-mail. It would seem to me to be a fairly minor change to be made in the program to have the information simply sent to an e-mail address as opposed to having it printed out,” Foxx said.

Although Foxx is presenting the program as optional for federal employees she said that the future of the program if enacted could become mandatory depending on how fiscally conservative the majority of congress is but she doesn’t think that it would become mandatory anytime soon.

On how this legislation would benefit citizens in the 5th District, Foxx said that they were interested in how congress was spending their money.

“In my experience we have a lot of common sense people who are saying ‘cut federal government spending everywhere you can and this is one way to do it,” she said.

Burr says gas-tax moratorium won’t happen

May 20, 2008

Burr says gas-tax moratorium won’t happen

Published: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:24 PM EDT
Tom Joyce

Staff Reporter

WASHINGTON – A gas-tax holiday sounds appealing on the surface, but is no high-mileage solution for excessive prices and the nation’s energy needs, one of North Carolina’s two U.S. senators said Tuesday…

Roy Carter Lauches Website

May 9, 2008

Roy Carter Democrat for Congress lauched his website today.  He is running against incumbent Virginia Foxx.